Terms & Conditions

Terms of use

The following terms and conditions (“Terms” or “T&C”) are guidelines that check the ways the user use and access the website and the services we offer in EssayMondo.com. Please read them carefully.

The website aforementioned here is a property of EssayMondo.com. For you to access and use the website, you are supposed to agree, respect, and follow the list of terms and conditions below.

1. Definations

“Website” is a cumulative amount of all the web pages that are related to EssayMondo.com and all the sub-domains that offer the services of EssayMondo.com.

“Services” id a description of all the different kinds of assignment and paperwork written and processed here, which may include theses, research papers and all the other academic-related work requested by our clients.

“Terms and Conditions” (“T&C” or Terms), includes all the statements that govern our website and usage of our website. The terms include Anti-Plagiarism Guarantee, Privacy Policy, Revision Policy, and Money Back Guarantee.

“We”, “Our” and “Us” refer to EssayMondo.com, a company that is registered and complies with the laws of ……………………………………………….. Our headquarters are located at …………………………………………

“Client”, “User” and “You” refers to any legal entity, individual entrepreneur or person who has expressed interest in working with our website and has signed up an account. The subject must accept all these Terms. The term also pertains anyone placing an order, doing bidding, submitting files or issuing payment using the Website.

“Account” refers to a section of the website that is prohibited and has little access to the public access. It is created dedicated to a specific user after the user signs up. The account has particulars that help the user to access it. These are username and password.

“Order” it is an electronic request made and paid for the services by the client to have certain writing services. Specifically, order explains and outlines the scope of work together with the client. Additionally, it refers to the written paper that was submitted electronically by the client.

‘Product” is the order after being processed. In other words, it is a processed order. It is original, written and delivered in accordance with the client’s inquiry as a digital document.

“Clients Information” pertains file containing written information that is accepted by our website and has been submitted by the client for reference or to be used as an example. We guarantee the right to determine the requirement related to the format and size of the files that contain client’s information.

2. Registration and order placing

2.1. A valid email is required to register with our website. Additionally, we may require to contact you before accepting your request. However, providing invalid email is a violation of the terms and conditions givens.

2.2. The client places an Order on the site. We do not collect any fee for placing Orders. Writers bid for the jobs placed by the Clients.

2.3. We have only one way that is accepted in placing an order with us. It is just placing the order form. Any other means are not accepted and are a violation of the terms and conditions outlined.

2.4. You are supposed to specify and give all the details and instructions of your order. These are; Scope of work, delivery information, and any other given parameters. We give our client right and freedom to share with us all the details pertaining to the order.

3. Payment of orders and discounting

3.1. Placing an order with our website is a sign that you have accepted to buy our product. The order will start to be worked one immediately we have received your order details and payments.

3.2. You will get our final price of the order according to the pricing list which will be disclosed to you. The pricing list is found on our pricing page. The order is paid in advance and fully when the scope of work is completely fulfilled. We do not take the responsibility of completing the order and delivering the product before full payment is made.

3.3. The client is given multiple payment methods which he or she can choose any that is most convenient. Refer to our website to see the payment methods available.

3.4. We reserve rights to discount and provide bonuses to our clients at our discretion.

3.5. We have a Money Back Guarantee that we commit to refund our client if the express their desire to cease our relation.

3.6. Our customers are responsible for any taxes, including VAT (Value Added Taxes).

3.7. Subject to the term in subsection 3.7, the customer is subjected to additional tax depending on the area or state of residency. The taxes will, however, be added and calculated to the total cost of the order prior to payment.

4. Order processing

4.1. Order volume. We measure the volume of the order placed by the client in term of pages. One page is equivalent to 275 words. In case the order volume has not been fulfilled, we hold the right to review the order until the described order volume is met. However, there is a need to check the order volume because it sometimes it may exceed the described number of words.

4.2. Order validation. We reserve the right to review the order once full payment is met, to make sure that all the description of the order is fulfilled. If the product does not fully match the order requirement, we reserve the right to modify the order to match all the descriptions.

4.3. Making changes in order details. The client has the right to make changes on the order details before we commit to starting working on the order. If the client makes changes in the order description such delivery time or volume, the client is responsible for compensating for the changes made.

4.4. Resources. The client is supposed to provide us with the specific resources he or she desires to be used in the order.

4.5. Communication. Communication is vital in all the processes. We highly encourage proper communication between the client and the support. The communication can be through the website via emails, live chat feature, or by a phone call.

4.6. Order progress tracking. The client has the right to track the changes in the order progress on the order page. Additionally, the client can track the order by use of the customer support to enquire on the progress of the order.

5. Delivering the order

5.1. We have the responsibility of delivering the product ordered by the customer in full and within the time specification given by the customer while placing the order.

5.2. The client has the right to provide the means in which we will deliver the completed product. We do not take the responsibility of failed delivery if the client provided the incorrect channel or any other occurrence of failed order deliver due to client negligence. If the client encounters problems in receiving the order, they are encouraged to contact the Customer Support.

5.3. The client has the responsibility of downloading the completed order after it has been delivered without any delay. In case of such delay due to the client negligence, we do not assume the responsibility of failed delivery.

5.4. Please make sure you have reviewed our Money Back Guarantee to equip yourself with your right for a refund.

6. Order revision

6.1. For more details, please review our Revision Policy.

6.2. The client has the right to ask for a revision if to our best level of knowledge the requirements of the order were not met.

6.3. We serve the right to decline order revision if the if we suspect that the client is exploiting the writer.

6.4. We reserve the right to cline revision the order was not fulfilled due to the client failure in submitting all the requirements. However, we may accept the revision of the client agrees to compensate for additional requirements.

7. Refund policy

We are responsible to deliver the order in timely, right manner in accordance to the requirement given by the client when placing an order. If the client’s commitments are violated in any means whatsoever, he or she is entitled to full or partial reimbursement in accordance with our Money Back Guarantee.

8. Product use

8.1. While making an order firm our website, you have to agree that the order in person and no for commercial use and that the amount you pay is equivalent to full compensation for the effort and research done while processing the final product of your order.

8.2. You are not allowed to modify, reproduce or display the product made in full or in part, on the internet or as a hard copy over reasonable limit necessary for personal use.

9. Plagiarism

While placing an order in our website, you are supposed to agree to the following terms and conditions:

9.1. We reserve the right to end or cancel our contract, arrangement or agreement with anyone who knowingly attempts to share or pass the right to access the product delivered as their original work. Also, our client is prohibited from passing any product delivered from our website to any third party for commercial gains or any other reason. We also reserve the right to cancel our contracts with any person who distributes product delivered in inconsistency with these terms. We may opt not to offer any other service on the website.

9.2. You are not supposed to put your name on the Product delivered. Our terms are that the product that we deliver is for research and reference purposes only. We, however, do not take part in or encourage plagiarism in any way or act in a way that the rules that govern the academic field. We are aware and strongly abide by copyright rules and regulation and we will not be part of any client who will violate or act against copyright laws. You agree that the product that will be delivered from our website will be used as a model to assist in research purpose only. Any custom written from our website is meant for research assistance only and it is not meant to substitute as your original work or writing. However, it can be used as a model paper in which, you can use it as a model or base of creating your research paper and can be used as a reference material only. The work and only be used as the client’s work the client properly cited and paraphrase the work. You are however supposed to check on the plagiarism definition of your University.

9.3. Neither our company, our affiliate, partner nor subsidiary is liable for any unauthorized, unethical, illegal, inappropriate or wrongful use of the product delivered from our Website. These instances are among lawsuits. Poor grading, plagiarism, academic probation, expulsion, or any other related legal and disciplinary actions. Violators of these terms are responsible for any negative consequences.

10. Use and security (Payment Information and Personal data)

While placing an order in our website, you are supposed to agree to the following terms and conditions:

For a detailed explanation of how we use, collect and store Client’s personal data including your personal data and payment mode, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

11. Security and information regarding the account

11.1. During the registration process and account creation, you will be asked to provide a valid email together with your personal password.

11.2. Your personal and account information must be kept secure and in whatsoever, not be disclosed or be shared with anyone.

11.3. You are liable to all activities and Orders associated with your account. If you suspect someone has accessed your password, you are supposed to change it and maybe your email with immediate effect.

11.4. If you forget your passwords, please click here then provide with us all the security details.

12. Website use, suspension and termination of use

12.1. Your use of the website is solely limited for your personal use and totally non-commercial use.

12.2. You must not use the website for any illegal; purpose. Specifically, the following are the limitations in which you are not supposed to use the website.

12.2.1. Transmission of materials that support and encourages a criminal offense or otherwise breaks the laws, codes of conducts and regulations put in place.

12.2.2. Dissemination of unlawful, defamatory, harassing, threatening, abusive, obscene, harmful or breaking any law.

12.2.3. Interfering with another user ability to use our website.

12.2.4. Transmitting, making or otherwise storing materials that are protected by copyright without the owner’s permission.

12.3. You will be responsible for any losses or costs that will be associated with breaching these terms.

12.4. We hold the right to terminate your usage of the website if found guilty of a violation of these terms.

12.5. We have the right to terminate your account if we suspect and know that you have violated these terms or may your action have affected other users

12.6. You are not supposed to contact any other user by other means except the one provided by the website. We will term this action as violation of these terms.

13. Intellectual Property Right (IPRS)

13.1. IPRs for the product provided in our website

I. We are supposed to draft the product delivered to our client.

II. We retain full copyright of the product delivered by our services.

III. We grant you a non-exclusive license upon receiving your product. However, you must prove with no reasonable doubt that the product is not intended to be used in commercial purposes.

IV. You agree that you will not change, spread, transmit, showcase or either use the product or any other content without our permission.

V. If by a violation of these terms, you are responsible for any costs and losses caused.

13.2. When placing an order with us, You are obliged to supply us with material that does not violate intellectual property rights. In case of violation of this term, you are responsible for any loss or cost associated with your action.

13.3. IPRs for our Website

I. We own all the IPRs for our website

II. Our IPRs and its parts should not be transmitted to any website visitor.

III. You are prohibited from making changes, copying, distributing or downloading any content of the website, unless otherwise stated or granted a permission by any authorized person or representative.

14. Limitation of liability and disclaimer policy

14.1. We provide our website as it is. We, however, do not guarantee will satisfy you fully on your requirement. You will also be restricted from using our website if the gadget you are using does not support the technology needed. These technologies are the likes of encryption.

14.2. We operate our website via the World Wide Web, which we do we do not have any influence, hence we do not guarantee usage under any jurisdiction.

14.3. We may have links to other websites which have their independent policies. We, however, do not control those policies and you are expected not to violate them.

14.4. We are not responsible for any loss or cost associated with Us modifying our website.

14.5. In the occurrence of the following incidences, we are not held liable:

• Failure or malfunctioning of the electronic gadget used.

• Failed or incomplete email transmission.

14.6. We are not responsible for the losses that may be caused by the inability of using our website unless it is in our control.

14.7. The terms described does not limit or reduce our liability in the occurrence of personal injury or death as a result of our misrepresentation, negligence or any other limitation of your rights.

15. Miscellaneous

15.1. These rights are limited to only the user who has agreed to be in business with us. However, we retain the right to transfer the rights to any other person where we have no doubt that it will not affect your rights.

15.2. We will rely on these terms if you violate them. In case no action taken after you have breached the terms, we are entitled in referring to the event in a later date.

16. Notices

16.1. Unless stated otherwise, all the notices should be in written form sent to us through the support team our Contact Us form.

16.2. All the notices that should reach you from us should be:

• Displayed on your personal order page;

• Emailed to the email you provided; or

• Displayed on the website time to time.

17. Laws and governing jurisdiction

17.1. The terms described are governed by laws of England and Wales.

17.2. In case of dispute, negotiation is the best way to solve the dispute between the disputing parties, provided that the parties shall all the necessary effort. In case the solution does not reach, the disputes shall be resolved by arbitration under the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).

17.3. However, both You and We agree that in case of arbitration, the process shall be done on an individual basis but not on group, class, collective, or otherwise on behalf of others.

18. Amendments

18.1. We reserve the right to:

I. Change any information, specification, functions or features of the website

II. Discontinue or suspend, temporarily or permanently, any or all of the Services or any part of the Website, including the availability of any feature, database or content.

We commit to have a prior notification of any intended changes to be made.

18.2. We hold the right to change, modify or update these terms time to time. We promise to notify you via email provided on any changes made or via a message posted by us on the website. If you continue using the website after the changes, we assume you have agreed to comply with the revised terms.

19. Contacts

For any other information about our terms, Website, Products, and services, please contact us via our contact details given on our Contact Us or via your Account Page.