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Writing from a scratch is a very difficult task. However, it becomes more difficult when it is an academic writing. In academic writing, you are required to follow formatting styles. Here on EssayMondo, we are giving various services to help you solve these difficulties.

Sources that will help in Active Vocabulary services

  1. Vocabulary

  2. Thesaurus

  3. Sensagent

Sometimes, a writing academic paper may come with difficult and very complicated words. This may make you not understand your paper well hence may end up being useless to you. However, to make our services best serving, we have included these sources to help you the right words for your paper. will help you enlarge your active vocabulary. and help you in looking for synonyms, word choices, and antonyms.

Academic Paper structure Advice sources:

  1. Writing Dummies

  2. Havard College

  3. University of Pennsylvania writing guidelines

  4. Durham University Guideline

  5. Writing Essays for Dummies by EssayMondo

  6. EssayMondo sample papers

The key to success for an essay is keeping in line with the proper paper structure for research papers. It is a great idea to keep the best writing structure a paper for better results. To make sure that you have the best paper with proper paper guidelines, we provide the following the above-named sources. For the best guide, we use Harvard College Writing Center, Durham University and the University of Pennsylvania. If the paper does not have such strict academic language you can use Writing for Dummies.

Additionally, you may want to have the latest guide by our Website. You can have this through our Writing Essays for Dummies. This guide has various aspects needed for a winning academic paper. Lastly, if still, you need more guidance, our Samples will help for further knowledge and guidance.

Websites and sources for Bibliography and Formatting Instructions

  1. Bibme

  2. The Purdue OWL

Writing paper is not that easy. You need to design it, have a valuable backing argument and have proper formatting. Combining all these is not an easy task at all. You need some guidelines for quality paper. On The Purdue OWL, there are various guidelines for all the formatting styles. Here you get all the citation and bibliography guidelines. Additionally, Bibme is another service provider that is purely automated for bibliography formatting.

Databases with academic articles

  1. Google Scholar

  2. JURN

  3. IDEAS

  4. DOAJ

  5. Jstor

  6. UNdata

Finding credible and trusted source is a big challenge to students and academic writers. No matter the numerous information available online, there so much that their credibility is in doubt. For instance, Wikipedia is not a good source for academic work. Moreover, buying online articles is very expensive for students and academic writers. In that case, we suggest the following credible and trusted sources: JURN, DOAJ, IDEAS, Jstor, Google Scholar and UNdata.

Additionally we use to check the originality of the paper written.