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  1. 1. Identify consultation model

(Student will identify the model and how it is appropriate to the consultation scenario)

Instructors will assess whether students accurately identified one of the following models.

Expert- handle problems so consultee is free to manage other business

Prescription- consultants say what is wrong and what needs to be done about it

Mediation- coordinate services of variety of people who are trying to solve a problem

Collaboration- function as facilitators of problem-solving process


  1. Identify the level of consultation:


(Student will identify the level and focus of consultation)

Instructors will assess whether the student accurately identified the following levels:

n Case consultation (refers to client issue or therapist issue)

n Client-centered-goal is to enable the consultee to deal more effectively with current situation and similar situations in

the future.

nConsultee-centered- goal is to collaboratively id. Consultee difficulties in working w/ certain types of clients and to

help dev skills to deal more effectively with current situation and similar situations in the future

n Ad-hoc Consultation (refers to issue after problem occurred)

nCommunity-centered-goal is to enable an ad hoc consultee to deal more effectively w/community problems encountered

while developing a temporary program of mental health services.

nConsultee-centered-goal is to identify collaboratively the ad hoc consultee’s problems generated in providing

temporary mental health services and to take steps to help the consultee develop skills in dealing with these problems.

nAdministrative consultation (refers to programmatic issue)

n  Program-centered-goal is enable the consultee to deal more effectively with specific parts of a mental health program

and to improve the consultee’s abilities to function with similar program problems in the future.

n Consultee-centered- goal is to identify consultee problems generated by implementing a mental health program and to

develop collaboratively the consultee’s skills in dealing with similar problems.


  1. The student demonstrated and understanding of a suicide prevention model.


  1. paper follows APA style with correct grammar and referencing, current research is utilized in the paper

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