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Ken Chenault is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of American Express Company.  

In the You Tube piece, you can see he draws on his father's advice, his experiences, and seemingly his own convictions to guide AmEx.

In your opinion, is Mr. Chenault an example of a transactional or transformational leader?   

Does his approach lead to certain expectations stakeholders may have?  

Pick one or more of the following and explain your reasoning:

  1.  Do you think AmEx Shareholders would support the fact that he appears to include ethics in his strategic plans for the company?
  1. Would his approach affect the reputation of American Express?
  1.  Would it have an effect on employees satisfaction with their jobs?
  1.  What other things might his approach bring about?


Ethics and Leadership: Ken Chanault

Ken Chanault represents a perfect example of a transformational leader. The CEO is motivated by his father is advice, a show that Chanault values a form of leadership where he will work to maintain personal excellence levels and as well act as the best role model to his followers.  In his avowals, Ken has identified the biggest challenges in his career life as managing the company in the aftermath of 9/11. He equally states on his ability to reform a company by motivating a company that is dying to perform better in the long run. This form of motivation which Chanault identifies involves workers’ motivation thus implicating Ken as a transformational leader.   

Among his best ideologies of good performance is the development of a clear and colonizing vision in leadership.  Likewise, Ken Chanault works to care for his workers. In his statement when explaining the aftermath impact of 9/11, Ken mentions on the emotional and psychological impacts created on the employees.  The difficulty with this time was on how to coordinate and motivate the employees to maintain their performance. This form of leadership identified a leader who works with the subordinates to identify a change in an organization.

            Ultimately, such form of leadership builds the status of a company with the reputation of the achievements made by the leader.  Also, when a leader acts as a role model to his followers, employees become motivated and satisfied to work with the company and meet the excellence standards required by their leader. Other implications of such way of leadership involve the efficiency of group functioning.  Groups will easily coordinate since they will have the same vision as their leader.  Likewise, execution of a change will be easy since a leader will act and the followers will adopt the new way of functioning.


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