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Powerpoint on Unethical Business Practices

Topic: Unethical Aspects Regarding Financial matters of the NFL

  • Give a brief background of the company’s (or industry’s) history.
  • Give detailed examples of the unethical behavior of this company. Also describe how the lack of ethics has had FINANCIAL, LEGAL, SOCIAL, and PERSONAL consequences.  Discuss how certain solutions to the problem may be ETHICALLY ACCEPTABLE or UNACCEPTABLE.
  • Your overall goal is to illuminate the ethical issues involved, and to discuss a solution that makes sense.  For example, if you are discussing a particular corporation that has already dealt with an ethical issue, you could describe how that corporation acted, and recommend how the corporation should act in the future.
  • Discuss a company, preferably in the same industry, that has a reputation for being ethical.
  • required to speak for 3-5 minutes. Need to write notes so I can read it has a presentation
  • produce at least five slides for the PowerPoint with a Works Cited at the end of the slides. (For the rules of MLA formatting, refer to “Modern Language Formation” in Appendix B of Guffey/Lowey textbook.) .
  • You are required to undertake independent research on the topic you have chosen; this requires at least five written sources which must be listed in an Annotated Works Cited, using MLA format. Other appropriate sources (such as documentaries, TV shows, personal interviews) are also encouraged and must also be listed in the Annotated Works Cited.  For an example of a regular Works Cited page, take a look at Figure B6, in Appendix B of Guffey/Lowey textbook.

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