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1. Social media strategy

A social media networking is the application of diverse social media platforms such as Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and many others by an organization to market its products and/or services, studying of customer behavior. Some of the social media strategies include:

2.      Take aim at the correct audience.

  1. Study what the business rivals are doing and plan to do them better.
  2. Generate the clear-cut messages that are to be mailed to potential clientele.
  3. Choose the right conduit , Facebook ,twitter, Pinterest ,Whatsapp
  4. Create appropriate content for the specific channel so to instantly draw and connect with the prospective clientele.
  5. Have an authentic communication with customers

3.      Social Networks

Social networking sites e.g Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp are presenting the entrepreneurs the platform to base the aspects regarding the business whether it is small or big business, and also mostly providing the platform to promote the products or services offered by the company.Facebooks work well because majority of prospective clients use Facebook,therefore engaging them on that platform is the best strategy to adopt.

  1. Mobile commerce strategy

Mobile commerce is a ordinary product of merging two robustly rising trends: electronic business along with persistent computing. Mobile commerce entails accessing online services anywhere, anytime, as well as using multiple devices to do business

            Some of the mobile commerce strategies include:

  1. Personalized communication with the customers makes the customer feel welcomed and might attract a huge audience.
  2. Allow for direct response in the mobile commerce marketing engagements, like including a call to action on all communications.
  3. Use video in engaging the client makes the client encourage more social interactions as many customers will be eager to see and listen to the video.
  4. As the mobile commerce continue to develop ,any kind of engagement with client, may be through the website or applications should take into account that the customers will access the services via mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PC. So the systems should be friendly to all this devices.
  5. In case of brick and wall store /shop/restaurant , an investment in free Wi-Fi to the customers will be added advantage

4.0 Marketing Mix

Tasty Wheels’s marketing mix (4Ps) entails wide-ranging strategies that are adequate to handle the business concern in unusual markets globally. The marketing mix identifies the tactics and strategies an organization utilizes to reach the intended consumers. Tasty Wheel’s has a set business principles that its marketing mix executes worldwide. In addition, the organization uses a few disparities of its marketing mix to go well with the neighborhood setting of markets. Case in point, Tasty Wheel’s advertising emphasizes on the social media in markets where such media are quite popular. The organizations efficiency in realizing its marketing mix is responsible to the top performance the company’s international food restaurant industry.

4.1. Product

Tasty Wheel’s restaurants provides mainly food and beverage products which comprises multi-cuisines like Chinese, Italian, Indian as well as continental. The marketing mix takes into account the various products offered by Tasty Wheel’s to its local and international customers. Some of the products being served include

  1. Breakfast/All-day breakfast
  2. Snacks and sides
  3. Hamburgers and sandwiches
  4. Chicken and fish
  5. Salads
  6. Beverages
  7. Desserts and shakes

Tasty Wheel’s is the only restaurant within this location among its competitors that serves a menu centered low fat and healthy cooking and offers delivery services. 

4.2. Place

Tasty Wheels is located at ----

Tasty Wheels must try to deliver services to the consumers at the right place and time. The organization restaurants are classic with very unique sense of design not forgetting the inviting relaxing atmosphere. Tasty Wheel’s marketing mix specifies the locations where the organization’s products are accessible. Some of the main places for dispensing its products are :

  1. Restaurants
  1. Tasty Wheel’s mobile delivery app

4.3. Price

The issue of price is one of the most significant component of the marketing mix in that, it’s the only element that generates a turnover for the company. The pricing strategy deployed by Tasty Wheel’s entails price amalgamation merged with psychological pricing. Under this strategy of price amalgamation, Tasty Wheels provides meals as well as other product bundles for a price cut. In addition the psychological pricing involves, deploying rates that come out to be reasonably priced, like $__.99 as a substitute of rounding the price off to the bordering dollar. This element of Tasty Wheel’s marketing mix emphasizes on the value of price bundling to persuade consumers to purchase additional products.

4.4. Promotion

             Tasty Wheel’s promotes its products by dissemination of information in order to attract more clienteles. This marketing mix component classifies techniques deployed to communicate with the prospective customers. The methods used in executing this marketing mix are

  1. Social networks like facebook,twitter,Google-Plus
  2. Special Magazines - This may involve an article describing the restaurant, competitive edge, ownership as well as the location coupled with photos of the restaurant.
  1. Sales promotions
  2. Advertising
  3. Direct selling

            Tasty Wheel’s, utilizes online media, TV, print media as well as radio for promoting the company services. The organization also exploits sales promotions to pull more consumers to its lovely restaurants. Case in point, Tasty Wheel’s offers freebies and discount coupons for specific products.. Sporadically, the organization deploys direct selling, to customers from the corporate sector, government employees or community parties and events.


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