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Executive Summary

Personal development plan is a lifetime's undertaking of fostering, modeling and enhancing a person’s dexterity, understanding as well as interest to guarantee the utmost efficacy and acclimatization to reduce the antiquation of my prowess and my prospect of redundancy.

In this modern day and age, where the job market is becoming more competitive and the world is progressively becoming more dynamic, it has become very significant to set up and arrange our educational and future profession plans in a more succinct and vibrant manner. In this report I intend to focus at my individual development throughout my education in Master of Commerce .I will emphasize on my vision, objectives as well as do a gap analysis which is instrumental in conducting a thorough assessment of myself (Robbins & Hunsaker, 2003). Establishing on the analysis, I will then highlight a section which need further development as well as the gaps which demand more consideration in order to attain my objectives.


 My vision is to have Master in commerce along with distinct specialized studies as well as Commerce Membership, in order to be employed or work as a senior manager in fortune 500 companies within 15 years and will make use of my prowess and proficiency in commerce in resourceful manner such as a management consultant (Erickson, 2008). My underlying strategic vision is to acquire the skills, prowess and familiarity in independent segments of commerce and later make use of the understanding in adaptable and in open-ended manner; without restricting myself to a single specific job, I would be happy to offer consultancy services also in different areas of commerce management. A vision I intend to work towards within the next 15 years.


My objectives with respect to MY personal development plan, will have the element of short and long term plans. The objectives below are all aligned to conquer my vision.

  • My Leading objective is to acquire Master in Commerce from ----------- University and gaining in-depth knowledge in management.
  • To enhance my interactive skills throughout my scholastic period. My distinct attention will be directed enhancing the communicational and presentation skills (Robbins & Hunsaker, 2003).
  • To develop management potentials in myself and seek all the available conceivable opportunities of being a leader of any team all through my schooling.
  • To enhance my management proficiency connected to people as well as time management.
  • To jump start my profession in Commerce management from a top corporation.
  • Attainment of certifications in dissimilar capacities of Business management from bodies.
  • To acquire the membership of different professional business bodies
  • To be part of different goings-on along with job such as coaching in several private institutions or managing a consultancy firm.

The objectives above are connected to my scholastic and occupation growth. The objectives will be beneficial to me in accomplishing my dream; therefore in realizing all these goals, I would be able to acquire the necessary expertise in addition to the knowledge in business management which is my vision. According to Robbins & Hunsaker (2003) in order to realize these goals, I  plan to assess my Gap analysis to comprehend the holes which necessitate to be sealed as well perceive the existing prospects for me which will be helpful in realizing my objectives.

Gap Analysis


A degree which I consider as an element of my strengths since it provides me with the necessary coverage of diverse management matters such as Finance and Business Decisions, Marketing Fundamentals, Organizational Behavior, Career and Self Development. Business Improvement, Service Management and Operation (Robbins & Hunsaker, 2003). These topics established diverse types of management abilities in me similar to scheduling, time management, governance, team building, people management, communication and concession talents and writing skills.

My drive for gaining knowledge plus involvements in new stuff and taking part in variety of events forms part of my strongest facts in relation to my personality.


Financial shortfall is the most major hindrance in realizing my objectives. In as much as I intend to acquire credentials along with affiliations in diverse capacities of Business Management, I also need cash or funding to realize this goals, since I am not economically strong to meet the expense of all this components easily. Absence of monetary funding from family members is a deterrent in accomplishing my objectives.  Presently, I’m individually deprived of personal networking as well as referees within this specialty. Among my family members, I have no relation who is presently employed or have experience in this field, who can act as mentor to me and provide direction as regards this discipline. 


In this specialty of business management, the growth and development is very is very dynamic and competitive. According to a survey done by Salary.com, the occupations related to business management are among the top five best careers worldwide established on diverse aspects corresponding to the career development within the ensuing decade, incomes potential, flexibility and resourcefulness. Business management is escalating very swiftly and the most fascinating aspect concerning this specialty is that it is an extensive discipline with opportunities ranging from in training and development, marketing, business analysts, business consultancy, operations management, accountancy, sales and other functions.

In this field, a lot of technological developments have been realized such as SAP, ERP, Cloud where the entire functionality of the business is computerized. According to Erickson (2008) similar innovations in businesses create opportunities for employment and career advancement for business management Y-generation graduates.  Being a broad based filed opportunities also exist for offering consultancy in business management practices.  Countless organizations are always facing challenges in relation to running their businesses and hence outsource some elements to expert consultancy firms. Upon attainment of the requisite real-world experience, I will as well register and manage my own consultancy firm.


Lack of funds is the key threat to realizing my objectives. The burden from family members who are seeking support from me rather providing the well needed support is another element I have to contend with.

Development Areas:

Some of the areas which calls for my attention so that I can accomplish my objectives are;

  • Overcome financial hindrances by looking for a part time job in order to raise enough cash to fund my personal development alongside what my parents provide.
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Develop and learn the skills which I don’t have such as the use different business management software’s ranging from forecasting to SaaS
  • Enhancing my communication, negotiation as well as presentational abilities (Robbins & Hunsaker, 2003).
  • Develop and build specialty or professional network which will be instrumental in looking for a job.
  • Will pull together information about noble companies and existing prospects in business as well as the conditions of these corporations.
  • Obtainable certifications in business management

Therefore, in the next one year, I will embark on a journey of developing my personal improvement plan as set up a strong foundation which will be beneficial in realizing my vision within the next 15 years.


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