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Who is an entrepreneur?

The question of who is an entrepreneur might seem too easy to answer but again complex to understand. Many understand an entrepreneur as an individual who takes up an opportunity in the marketplace and invests in it. Yes, indeed to become an effective entrepreneur you have to take up any opportunity that comes your way. If this was the only definition or characteristic of an entrepreneur, then one cannot purport to have known enough about this interesting topic. This is the main reason I would want to attend the symposium on entrepreneurship that will be held on 4th of May 2018 at the Manhattan City Social Hall. In attendance will be Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. I must confess I am a big fan of Tim Cook and I admire him for the success that he has continued to register at Apple. Apple has emerged to become one of the fastest growing technology companies in the globe both in capitalization and market share.

The topic on who is an entrepreneur is significant because majority of us understand very little about what an entrepreneur is. We all understand that to make a good entrepreneur, one has to be a risk taker. However, does risking alone adequate to constitute successful entrepreneurship. What else does one require to qualify to be called an entrepreneur? These among many other questions will be answered at the symposium by some of the world’s greatest managers as well as innovators. From the symposium, we shall also get to understand the role of networking in growing entrepreneurship. Additionally, we shall get a good chance of interacting at close range with Tim Cook and other great managers.

The symposium is not centered on educational matters but also planned to award some of the most outstanding technological ideas. The successful candidate shall among other prizes get a fully-paid sponsorship to pursue a software engineering course at any university of his or her choice.  I do not think I can miss such an opportunity to fulfill my dream of becoming the best engineer in the world. By attending the symposium, one shall be getting a motivation as well as a challenge to speak up his or her mind because no one knows another’s potential. The good thing about this workshop is that every attendee will have an opportunity to ask questions that he would which answered. The participants will further interact with others from various parts of the country therefore establishing extensive networks and relationships which are much needed in the business world.


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