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The topic of this paper is teen dating Violence :

- APA format (1 inch margin, Times New Roman in 12-point font size)

- in-text & reference citations are formatted in APA styles

- select at least 2 articles, published within the last five years AND at least 1 sources from government websites, media, or other scholarly materials

-there are 3 parts to the original paper BUT my part is ONLY the last part (part #3)


a. Define the problem.

b. Give the scope of the problem

(e.g. statistics and/or prevalence and/or incidence: How many people are affected by the problem? Who are affected by the problem? Why should we pay attention to the problem?)



a.Discuss how culture, race/ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status interacts with the chosen problem?

b. Summarize your findings and cite appropriately.



Literature Review of an Intervention

Select an intervention that can be applied at the micro, mezzo, or macro level. This must be an intervention that social workers and/or other helping professionals can apply to their clients/patients or community.

a. Describe the intervention and how it applies to the problem.

b. Indicate if the selected intervention has been supported with research findings.

c. Identify a recommended place/community that can benefit from the intervention and a preferred method of delivery.

d- conclusion


So ONLY write part 3 (a,b,c,d).

if you were going to talk about a place in point C. make sure it's in California.

the conclusion will require you to summarize the paper so I included the the other parts so you can get an idea of what the paper would look like, to help you write the conclusion.


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