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  1. What is market research versus marketing research?


  1. What is the AMA definition of marketing?


  1. 5 Largest market for market research


  1. Ethical Research


  1. Steps in the marketing research process


  1. Elements of a research proposal


  1. Types of Research Designs


  1. Types of Test Markets


  1. What is the difference between primary and secondary research and the data types?


  1. Applications of primary and secondary data.


  1. What is neuromarketing?


  1. What is ethnographic research and mobile ethnography?


  1. What is person administrated/computer assisted surveys?


  1. Know the differences between qual and quant research. Describe the advantage/ disadvantages of survey research methods.


  1. Research constructs/Subjective and objective properties.


  1. What is display and skip logic?


  1. Differences between sample and populations


  1. Six steps/actions to defining a sampling plan which ones are the most critical


  1. Confidence interval and sample size.


  1. Understand the differences between variability, confidence interval, and

acceptable sample and error.


  1. Understand all of the errors related to field workers and respondents


  1. Sources of non sampling errors: know ways to minimize errors


  1. Understand intentional and unintentional errors and their causes

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