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Marketing is the key activity to the success of a company. With good marketing strategies, the company’s products usually have a high turnout ratio. In that, customers will be ready and available to buy. One of the mostly used strategies is positioning marketing. Positioning marketing is the strategy used by marketers to create a place or position in the customer’s minds. In the strategy, the marketer aims at making sure that he/she has created a certain picture and occupies the mind of the customer with the products; hence giving no room for the competitor’s products (Lei & Moon, 2015). During this time, the marketer has ‘jailed’ the customer with “royalty chain and pride” that will make him buy the products. Additionally, the mind of the client will not linger any other product of the same kind except what has been positioned in his/her mind. However, positioning strategy is a series of activities that can take duration depending on the stiffness of the competition and the nature of the product. According to Lei & Moon, (2015), the history of the producer or the marketer determines the functionality of the strategy. The paper is a marketing paper discussing on how the product is introduced to the market and made sure that it stays in the market firm and be the market leader. Besides, the paper will touch on a case on the J.C. Penney a retailing store in the United States of America; giving out its story and the positioning strategy adopted.

The case

J.C. Penny was once the market leader in the United States of America beating all other retailing stores. The first 50 years of its anniversary, the management used the “Fair and Squire” strategy that aimed at doing to the customer what you would like to be treated. However, after around 100th anniversary, its market leadership diminished gradually (Kane & Sherr, 2011). However, to make a turnaround, the management hired Ron Johnson as the manager. With a lot of experience from the Apple Limited, Johnson aimed at bringing back the glory of the company. In his quest, he was to take positioning strategy to market the product. In his first year, he aimed at making sure that the customers have information of the existence of the firm (Bertini, 2014). To make it a reality, he used price and product promotions. Later, he adopted the original “fair and square” strategy. In his quest, he was aiming and reintroducing the firm back to the market and make awareness of its products (Aubert et.al, 2013).

ED Treatment

According to Porst, & LVHJ Study Team (2011), ED treatment is a treatment of the patients suffering from erectile dysfunction by the use of Cialis. When trading with Cialis, there some basics marketing strategies that one must consider. For instance, segmentation of the patient is much important for a physiologist. When segmenting, the physiologist is supposed to consider the most vulnerable segment of the patient. Moreover, the segmentation is supposed to consider the segment of the patient who might consider Cialis more important to them. In this, the marketer is trying to get a target segment that he may trade well. In most cases, there are two dimensions used to segment the patients. The first dimension is the demographic which includes marital status, age, income, stage of life, education. The second dimension is psychographic which include values (Montorsi et.al, 2014).

To be relevant, erectile dysfunction is most common among two main segments among the dimensions as mentioned above. The first segment is young people who are at the age of 20 to 30 years. Although a big number of those under this segment are single and do not have a lot of relationship commitment, they are sexually active. This would be a relevant segment as the problem of ED may end their sexual morale. In that case, I would target this as a good market segment for my treatment. Also, at their age, they are so amused of pleasure the problem of ED would make them feel unfortunate. Having access to my treatment, they will tend to make sure that the problem ends as early as possible.

The second segment I would derive from the dimensions targeted is stable dads and husbands. As these are the people who are at the age of 30 to 60 years, their relationship matters most. At this stage, sex relationship with their spouses is very much important (Ellis, 2013). Anything that would make their body weak would be a big threat to their marriage, and they would like to solve it immediately. As confidence, family and manly accomplishment are among their values; they would make sure that they are healthy and sound. In this, as a physician, I would target this segment for my Cialis treatment. It is my guess, looking at their life values, they would turn out to be my great customers.

Between the two segments, I would mostly target young and stable husband. As mentioned in the above paragraph, having a family is their most important and the main value they would like to defend. Due to this, they would like to look confident and composed as a man before his wife. With ED, the feelings of manhood would have diminished; hence they would be working hard to solve this challenge. Furthermore, they usually have a notion of wanting to relax and enjoy their marriage. Anything hindering them from this would be a great threat which they would never entertain. Getting any information about my solution to their problem, they would storm my clinic in large numbers, hence more customers for my Cialis. As compared to young adults, the relationship is not a big bother to their life as they have other life commitment like wealth and building a new and future relationship; hence they would not be a good target for Cialis.

In marketing, one has to consider some target markets for the product (Aaker, 2012). With several markets, there will be high sales and ready market. For the Cialis, there are some target segments. First, I would select the patients as the main target. Secondly, I would select their spouses and partners for the treatment. With this, I am assured of their concerns and values, and this would be a target market for the Cialis. Another group I would target is the doctors especially family and relationship doctors. This group of individuals has a large usage of Cialis as they treat cases related to ED. With this, they will end up purchasing from me. Lastly, I would target another vulnerable segments. These are Viagra dropouts. These people are actually in need of lifetime solution to their problem and would like to use Cialis as their solution.

Positioning Cialis among competitors

As used in J.C. Penney, product positioning is a perfect marketing strategy. However, to introduce a new product in the presence of competitors, one has to sacrifice time and money (Shah, 2015). For Cialis, the promotion would work well. To make sure there is reach out of a great number of customers, as a marketer, I would target events most valued by my segments such as discos, night clubs, hikes, and bashes. During the event, I would make sure I have given out the amount at a lower price or sometimes free of charge. Additionally, I would be using public rallies where my topic is relevant to educate the people on the importance of using Cialis. To add on that, I would use the media in advertising the product. By making sure that the word Cialis is in the mind of the target segment, I would have won against my competitors.


In marketing, taking it as an important activity would save the firm a lot regarding marketability. However, there are some skills needed in marketing, and it is important to hire a marketing expert with required skills. The marketer usually utilizes a series of activities to create good and sound marketing strategy (Lee & Hsieh, 2010). First, the market needs to know the market niche to utilize. In this, there are some market segmentation criteria used; where the marketer is supposed to select the potential market for the product. In this, it would be easy for the marketer to identify a good target market. After identifying the target market, there is need to identify the target audience who are likely to purchase the product. After identifying the target audience, the next step is to have differentiation of the audience. Weller, CKleer & Piller 2015, best way to differentiate the audience of the target market is through identifying the main dimensions of segmentation. Additionally, one needs to look at the values the target audience would like to derive from the product. Later the marketer may set different prices for different audience. The last step the marketer should undertake is positioning of the product. With this, promotion is used to make sure that you have “brainwashed” the audience with the product until it sticks in their minds (Gu, Lo & Niemegeers, 2009).




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