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Who are the Picture Brides and why are they significant? What was the work experience like for Japanese immigrants in the Canefields of Hawaii? What sort of struggles did they face? And what labor actions did they engage in? What sort of struggles did the Nisei generation face? What were the reasons the Chinese came to the United States? In what types of jobs did they work? What was life like for Chinese women? What jobs did they have and what struggles did they face?

Becoming American: The Chinese and Japanese Experiences

Using the class readings by Takaki and 4 video clips and web links, you will compare and contrast the experiences of the Chinese and Japanese people in United States history. You need to pay close attention to "racialization" of both groups and discuss in your weekly post the migration experiences, job/labor experiences, segregation and exclusion experiences, and settlement/development of communities in the United States.  How were each group impacted by WWII? Finally, what were the different perspectives  of how Japanese American Internment was viewed by the US Government and the Japanese Americans themselves? Also include any questions/ comments, analysis of this week's lecture material. 


Tags: Canefields Of Hawaii, Takaki, Racialization, Japanese Amaricans