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What was Andrew’s Jackson’s justification for Indian removal? And what were significant policies used to move the Natives Americans off their lands? And were the effects of these policies on the Native American way of life? What is the Ghost Dance? And was the rationale for reservations?

Topic : "Remembering Wounded Knee: Native American Experiences"
Using Takaki Chpts. 4 and 9, the handout on Wounded Knee, and the viewing clips, you will examine this legacy. What is the significance of Wounded Knee for the United States and Native Americans? Historically what was the impact of US policies on Native Americans and give some

examples (particularly in regard to racialization in Takaki chapters)? And finally, how does this history connect to present day issues that affect Native Americans, especially on the reservations (include video clips? Add any final comments or analysis that you have as well.


Tags: Wounded Knee, Native America, Takaki,