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Topic: "The Tempest as Metaphor for Race in American History"

Using the the class lecture (including links), Takaki readings (Chapters 2 and 3) and video clips,  how is the Tempest a metaphor for race relations in American history, especially for Native Americans and African Americans? What sort of laws and other structures are created to create separation between EuroAmericans and "the other"? Give specific examples and explanation of Takaki chapters. What were the effects of slavery on the lives of African Americans? And finally what is the significance of the history of the Jamestown settlement, as well as how history remembers Pocahontas? And what is her true history?

Entries should be at least 500-550 words. Once again, your entries should not be summaries but demonstrate critical thinking and analysis. And always remember to including supporting evidence, which means referencing sources and including short quotes (at least 3 to 4) from both the class readings, lecture material and videos.


Tags: The Tempest As Metaphor, Takaki, Euro-Americans