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Quiz# 2 Study Guide –(About 3 to 5 hours of prep time-Take notes and studying)

Quiz 2 will consist of short answer, multiple choice and short sentences. It will also include short paragraphs, those questions are also listed below and you can pre write them before the quiz and have them ready.  This will be a timed quiz no more than 45 - 50 minutes, so you need to prepare ahead of time and study your notes before you begin the exam. You will only have ONE chance to complete the exam once you begin. The quiz will open on Wednesday 1/2 in the evening and close on Friday 1/4  at 11 pm.

Hint: I would take notes on these questions as you do your reading this week, so you do not have to read all the week’s readings again to find the answers. Some of the questions on this quiz on are last week’s class material.

Menchaca-Chpt 2—from 12/27 class

  1. Noble Savage debate--know different sides of the debate and who was involved for each side of the debate
  2. What is the Law of Burgos?
  3. Who were Malinke Slaves and what is their importance to New Spain?
  4. Alliances and Intermarriage laws: What were the Vitoria’s Natural Laws? And why are

they significant? What was the purpose of intermarriage? Explain your answer

Menchaca-Chpt. 3-from 12/27class

  1. Who were the Tlaxcala Indians and what role did they play in New Spain?
  2. Explain the settlement of New Mexico and describe examples of Indian resistance? Who is Juan de Onate and what his significance to the settlement of New Mexico?

Menchaca Chpt. 5_PDF

  1. What prompted the colonization process in CA?
  2. What was the dispute between Junipero Serra and Capt. Rivera y Moncada?
  3. Who were the Chumash and why are they significant? And what Indian groups in CA were the most difficult to missionize?
  4. What are the 3 types of land grants in California and explain.
  5. Why were children of racially mixed marriages allowed to use the criollo racial label?
  6. What were some of the liberal reforms passed by the Cortes (Spanish Parliament) to hopefully avert an Independence Movement in Mexico?

Pilcher (Chapters 3 and 4)

  1. Who was Jose Guadalupe Posada and his significance?
  2. What was the significance of cookbooks published in the 19th century?
  3. What is positivism and how did impact/effect the Tortilla Discourse?
  4. How did the Porfirio Diaz regime view the culture of the Indians in Mexico?
  5. Who was Jose Vasconcelos and his significance/contribution?
  6. Who was Manuel Gamio and what is his significance/contribution?
  7. Why was wheat stressed over corn according to Pilcher?

-Class Lectures and Handouts

  1. What is Manifest Destiny and how is it defined by John O’Sullivan? And why is it significant to Westward expansion? What were President Polk’s beliefs on Manifest Destiny? Short Paragraph (6 to 8 sentences—paragraphs should be prewritten before you take the quiz)
  2. According to Antonia Castaneda, what was the role and impact of sexual violence on the Amerindians and the missionization process?  And how is rape a mechanism of control? Short Paragraph (6 to 8 sentences) paragraphs should be prewritten before you take the quiz)
  3. Who were the San Patricios and what is their significance?
  4. What are the guarantees of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
  5. Why is the US-Mexico war often looked at as a one-sided war?
  6. What are the lessons that Mexico received as a result of this war?

Tags: Tortilla Discourse, Savage Debate, Law Of Burgos, Victoria Natural Law, New Spain, Tlaxcala, Indians, Amerindians, Junipero Serra, Jose Guadalupe Posada, Capt. Rivera Y Moncada, Jose Vasconcelos, Manuel Gamio, Manifest Destiny, San Patricios, Treaty Of