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  Company’s competitiveness assessment model

  1. Analysis of literature, documents and statistical data (from 1 to 2 pages in order to ground the research problem and show the situation in the research field based on at least 7 scientific papers (from journals in EBSCO data base) (scientific papers about the company’s competitiveness assessment ) Show the citation from the text next to the corresponding text fragment as shown below:
  • “The university degree is regarded as no longer a voucher for life-long employability but merely an entry ticket into the world of work” (Gibb, 2006, 5), if you cite some part identically to the original text showing also the page number;
  • Allan Gibb argues that the university degree does not guarantee opportunity for finding job which will be provided during the entire life span of an individual but rather serve as a prerequisite for getting a certain job in the very beginning of one’s working career (Gibb, 2006) if you express the thought in your own words. Then you don’t show the page number.

If you cite two authors in the text, you do it as (Gibb & Hannon, 2015); three and more authors are cited like (Gibb et al., 2011).

  1. Research questions :-

1) What are the company’s competitiveness assessment elements in the field of tourism?

2)  What are the approaches to the assessments of company competitiveness? (or How to realize company’s competitiveness assessment?)  

  1. Research subject (approaches to the company’s competitiveness assessment)
  2. Research object (examples:- bus manufacturing company TATA in India ; Tourism company CTG in Azerbaijan )
  3. Research goal (Analysis of company’s competitiveness assessment elements and elaboration of the model for CTG Tourism company’s competitiveness assessment)
  4. Research objectives:
    • To analyse scientific literature, documents and statistical data about what is competitiveness of  tourism companies and what are the approaches to the assessment of their competitiveness
    • To elaborate company’s competitiveness assessment model
    • To analyse CTG Tourism company’s competitiveness assessment model comapring with the theortical model
    • To improve CTG competitiveness assessment model
  5. Research methods:
  • one research method from the list of those methods which were considered within our course (interview, survey, focus group discussion, expert panel, Delphi, observation, case study grounding your choice and describing in what way you will collect and analyse data and elaborating 7 appropriate questions for your research);
  • one principally new research method which was not spoken about within our course,
  1. providing the name of the method and describing its matter;
  2. grounding why this method is suitable exactly for this research as a research method complementary to the previous one;
  3. describing how the data should be collected and processed;
  4. analysing the advantages and disadvantages of the method;
  5. describing how you will integrate the results got in the research using both methods.
  6. The hypothesis of the research based on the literature analysis (Please, formulate the hypothesis as:
  7. as a statement which shows the possible relation between two (or three) variables (For example “The growth of demand causes an increase of the price of services and products”)
  8. as a logical construction using “if” (For example, “If demand grows, the prices of services and products grow as well”)
  9. Research limitations
  10. How to provide research validity and reliability
  11. The reference list of the paper and documents referred to (in APA style;

Attention! Submit the work in two files:

  • This report of 11 points in the word format before 15.00 of 16 December;
  • power point presentation for commenting on and defending the group project.

Important info! Those students who defend this work on 17 December, will not have to pass the examination and will get their second mark for the course automatically. The first mark will be created based on the individual work Nr. 1 and your attendance and work in the lessons.


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