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We have been in the field of writing and academic assistance for more than 10 years. Our main objective is to provide our customers with maximum satisfaction and consistently developing and upgrading our services to achieve our quality goals and vision. Innovation is one our measure and highway to success. Our working experience, market resources, and customer feedback have led us to the creation of exclusive online services and academic assistance: EssayMondo.com.

EssayMondo.com is a unique and special online academic assistance service. It allows customers to post their academic task. Later, the support team enjoys the privileges of assigning the task to the selected and highly trained writers who submit the work and be delivered directed by the support. The advantage is obvious in that the customer’s work is to post the work and later be notified when the task is fully tackled. Secondly, the support selects the writer among the team of writers; hence the paper will be tackled by the writer who qualifies that specific subject or topic. Being an academic assistance company, the client has an option of on which level of education is his/her assignment.

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With EssayMondo.com:

  • The customer is the key and will decide the time he/she wants her paper to be delivered. He/she also make create the order delivery time with much freedom of any delivery time.

  • The Customer plans the budget to spend and have all the power to select which education level the task belongs. She has the freedom to order according to the total budget given after feeding all the particulars.

  • The customer has been provided with a feedback link in which he/she will give us the feedback of the services given. Every feedback given will be seen by potential customers. We are that open.

No writer will commit to us or send the payment of the paper before everything is settled between them and us. The approach has helped us to make sure that our customers have been given the best services; hence making us the most competitive writing company.

We first check the order’s instruction and the delivery time before committing ourselves to write your paper. Immediately the customers are convinced on our services, they feed the particulars of the order and the total cost is displayed. With this innovation, our clients commit themselves with a known amount. Additionally, the innovation helps the clients to know the total amount to be paid; hence our clients commit themselves to a known amount.

Additionally, we know that 50% of the process depends on customers. With their ability to articulate instructions in an effective way, our work is simplified. Their views on desired final products must be made clear to the writers. For the customers to commit themselves to the allegiance of giving us all the instructions and best support to have their job task done, we have included a customer rating process where our support rates the customers according to their support and the level of cooperation. Of course, this has an effect on the provision of the services and priorities given.

However, we offer a simple, unique and convenient forum for collaboration between customers. We give full support to customers who struggle with their study and academic work. We have a team of professional writers who are willing to dedicate their skills towards our client’s academic success. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with the final products. We are the best in offering the services.

Try us today and forever you will enjoy our services.

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